President [En]

Surname: Tuleu

First Name: David

Age: 25

Profession: Draftsman in buildings

Years of scouting: 12 years (Sauvabelin’s Brigade, Switzerland)

Role within the association: projects coordinator, external head of communication, designer and co-webmaster.

 » After a lot of travels and a lot of scouting activity, I had an idea: why not tie up two passions which are a part of me and brought me to here in life? And even better, why not share everything? Having spoken to several people, explained the project, and as crazy as this dream was, a first meeting with members of Rover Scouts of several groups occurred. And, what at the beginning had to be only an adventure « isolated » with motivated people, was transformed into an association. That’s how « Foulards sans Frontières » (« Scarfs without borders » in english) is born, with the idea to gather more people like us, members of the Rover scouts of all scouts groups, to share these two passions that are travelling and scouting. The sharing, the discovery and especially the will to help in every country where we shall go are the purposes that we settled and where we well hear to make live to everyone who will be willing to follow us.

In 2014 I travelled in South Africa to take care for two weeks of lions as volunteer. This magic experience will be engraved in me forever, and it is these incredible moments which tempted me to begin again this « humanitarian » kind of projects and to return there with other people. That’s a part of what Foulards sans Frontières would like to transmit you. An unforgettable experience. »